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Golf Injury

We provide diagnosis and treatment protocols for common golf injuries, including lower back, wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck, knee, and hip/groin pain.

Fitness & Conditioning (for Strength & Power)

Are you interested in hitting longer, more powerful golf shots? If your willing to “do your homework” we can teach you the training secrets that just might add 20-25 yards to your tee shots.

Performance Evaluation (for Lower Scores)

Are you satisfied with your level of play? There are 4 different barriers to performance: pain, emotional stress, environmental allergens, and poor nutrition. If you are committed to lower scores, we can help you identify and resolve your barriers to lower scores.

Golf Posture, Fitness, and Flexibilty Examination

Can you get into correct position? Is your body fit for playing better golf? Is your lack of postural fitness and flexibility holding you back from improvement? We will perform a comprehensive flexibility, postural and fitness examination to assist in the planning of your individual fitness and conditioning program.

Swing Analysis

At the top of your back-swing, are you in the right position? Your doctor is not a teaching professional with the PGA, but has undergone extensive training in the bio-mechanical evaluation of the golf swing. There are 3-key points of evaluation. Maximizing the distance and accuracy of golf swings and putting. You will be able to “see” if you are out-of-position and at risk of injury before you hit the ball!

What to Expect

You will begin with a comprehensive golf-specific physical examination. Once your examination has been completed, you will receive a report of findings. If, for example, one of your goals is to become a more powerful driver of the golf ball, a plan of treatment and necessary physical conditioning will be agreed upon.

Building a better game of golf will not happen overnight. You can expect your in-office treatment to be combined with specific goal-oriented tasks that can be done at the gym, at your home or office, at the driving range and on the golf course. Every step you take will help improve your physical fitness and conditioning leading to a more consistent golf swing.

How fast you progress is entirely up to you. We are willing and able to adjust your treatment program around the demands of your present schedule. Wouldn’t it be great to know, however, that in the next six months you will have met one or more of your goals in golf?