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HACK Balance & Mobility Program

Our Balance system is made of 3 subsystems that assist in keeping us upright when are center of gravity is altered either accidentally or purposefully. A fall is an accidental change of our center of gravity that our body cannot recover from while our natural gait cycle is a series of center of gravity changes that our body recovers from to propel forward safely. The 3 sub-systems that assist in maintaining our balance are the Visual, Musculoskeletal, and Vestibular systems. The Visual and Vestibular systems are difficult to improve without medical intervention (i.e. glasses & medication). Here at the Lindenhurst Accident & Injury Center we have developed the HACK Balance & Mobility Program to assist with improving a patient’s Musculoskeletal system. By stretching and strengthening the joints & muscles that are our primary line of defense in preventing a loss of balance and subsequent fall we will hope to keep you functioning safely at home.

Hips (H)

Our hips act as the next line of the defense when the ankles and knees could not correct the loss of balance. By stretching and strengthening the hip musculature it affords the patient the extra assist needed to recover before falling

Ankles (A)

Our ankle flexibility is the most important factor that needs to be addressed as our ankles are the first line of defense when a person loses their balance. As we age our flexibility naturally decreases unless you focus on it specifically. The patient will follow a specific progression of exercises to assist with improving their range of motion.

Core (C)

Core strength is a common focus for all people participating in an exercise program. Our program is no exception as your core(trunk) strength plays an important role as it assists with posture and mobility. Depending on patients history it is where the body’s center of gravity is located.

Knees (K)

Along with the ankles our knee strength is arguably the primary defense that can prevent a person from falling. During a loss of balance our quadricep & hamstring muscles(front/back thigh muscles) tighten to attempt to form a solid base of support and prevent loss of balance.

While participating in our Balance & Mobility Program you will be seen by a licensed Physical Therapist 2-3x/week for 6 weeks and progressed through exercises to assist with preventing falls. You will need a referral from your MD and you will be evaluated utilizing standardized tests pre & post participation. We accept Medicare and most private insurance if you have an out of network benefit. Reserve your spot soon as space is limited!